Barbarian vs. Robot WIP

Barbarian vs. Robot is still on track to be my first Patreon release! Vacation is heaven. Spent several hours over the Thanksgiving weekend working on the comic and translating my old sketches into drawings. Hopefully post production will be wrapped up within a week or so. Comics are *really freaking hard*. I am even more in awe now of anyone who can produce a regular web comic.
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Barbarian and Robot

So busy today with a triple work deadline today, but I’m going to post some sketches. I am not much of a comic artist, but last year while I was hanging out in Portland, I drew this fun little series of panels:


I’m totally psyched about how it came out, even though this is just rough sketches. There are a bunch more, this is just a sample. It’s totally wordless, full of mayhem and dungeon craziness.


The whole thing is also a dungeon crawl that stitches together into a huge map. If the experiment works, the big map/cartoon will be a Patreon release. I *think* I can fit the whole thing on an 11×17 sheet, which I could then print using my big printer, fold like a streetmap, and stick in an envelope for people.

On the other hand, it could be a recipe for disaster. There’s already one atrocious draft of this hidden behind my dresser.*


* What? You don’t hide your failures behind your dresser.