Flying Stone Head Vaporous Space Slug Adventures!

Khazred Häül, Flying Stone Head of Destruction!


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Who Wants Dungeons?

I need some fresh dungeon inspiration, so I’m trying a little experiment.

I’m going to draw 10 new dungeons, and I’m going to send them to you for $5 a piece.

Update: Only one left! Wow that was fast!
They are all gone! Sorry if you missed it. There will be a next time!

Pick one theme from column A, one from column B, and one from column C. Then post you choices in the comments, or email them to, or DM me at @tonydowler or just come by my house or whatever. All dungeons will be published here.

Column A Column B Column C
  1. Clockwork
  2. Haunted
  3. Interdimensional
  4. Underground
  5. Crumbling
  6. Atomic
  7. Monster
  8. Dragon
  9. Tentacle
  10. Make one up
  1. Cave
  2. Lair
  3. Tower
  4. Maze
  5. City
  6. Castle
  7. Factory
  8. Mansion
  9. Starship
  10. Make one up
  1. of the Owlbear
  2. of the Vampire
  3. of Science
  4. of the Hellbeast of mouths
  5. of the Robot
  6. of the Githyanki
  7. of forbidden gods
  8. of Death
  10. Make one up

Pay me $5 via Paypal here, no shipping charged:

Your selection

Or just wait to see how your dungeon looks and then decide if you want to pay for it, that’s cool too.

An Ill-advised Experiment

A brilliant wizard with a fabulous idea for turning the conflux of positive and negative energy into a power source. Of course nothing can go wrong.

An imp summoned from nether fire with a penchant for mischief and an eye for gold.

A servant of the astral gods bound to odious service–an oracle of inscrutable forces.

Because Some Days Things Just go Wrong…

Just you Wait

How much do you really know about your neighbors?

Temple 46

It’s not Temple number 46, it’s the temple to 46. In Eagleport, they’ve got a temple to practically everything. The priests of the Temple 46, however, are particularly esoteric, eschewing gods with wings, with claws, or with mighty armies, to worship the pure untrammeled abstraction of a single number. With no particular attributes, they have nothing to tie them to the physical details that all other gods deal with. They are a uniquely, cold, dangerous lot; by turns more cruel that Astyborxovy, god of cruelty; more heartless than IGON the IRON; shiftier than Hylerat the Thief God.

Lost in Stout

“Lost in Stout” is a Dwarven phrase meaning both deep meditation and madness. Given that Dwarven madness produces spectacular craftsmanship and murderous frenzy in about equal proportions, it add a bittersweet tone to any conversation about Dwarven Beer. And this brew itself provides a rare bittersweet palette that is only more appreciated the more one imbibes.

Goblinoid IPA

The joys of Dwarven Stout are well known, but Goblinoid IPA has its followers as well. It’s a bit harder to find, as Dwarves brew Stout by natural instinct, whereas to force Goblins to create their brew in any quantity requires a powerful leader to unite them. Nevertheless, the occaisonal stash of hapily fermenting Goblin IPA has been enough for discerning adventurers to develop a taste for this rare treat. Just don’t ask what ingredient gives it that distinctive citrus tang.

Sealing Fan

The dreaded sealing fan is used to protect shrines and temples of the Ognofont dynasty. Besides their function of circulating cool, dry air through the inner sanctums,sealing fans are sometimes capable of animating and attacking intruders or, if the designers were particularly subtle, descending to block off an area once intruders have passed by to block their exit when they are tired and possibly wounded.


Minecraft. It’s worthy of love. It’s a thing of beauty. That’s why I’ve had to delete it from my computer and erase every world I’ve created.