Microdungeon Rollup November 18

Microdungeons I have posted this week on my Tumblr:







Maedrick’s Flying Ship

Probably pretty impressive if you’ve never seen a flying ship. It kind of handles like a brick though, and it’s a little under-armed. The swivel-guns open up some interesting tactical possibilities, however, and the hull is as stout as a hull can be.

Goblin Housing Development

Still super busy. The art show is tomorrow! I’ll post pictures. If you’re in Seattle, stop by Cortona Coffee on Saturday between 7 and 9 and you’ll probably get fed.

About Buying the Dungeons

There’s been a spate of people wanting to buy dungeon originals lately, so here’s the drill. Many of the dungeons on the blog are for sale.

I’ve been waffling very hard about selling the dungeons online and for how much. Frankly I’ve come to the conclusion that the way original art is priced and sold is completely screwy and I’m not into it. There Will be a blog post on that later, you better believe.

So for now I’m selling the originals at $25 each. That’s basically a fee to cover my time and effort and shipping. Or else corner me in person when I’ve got a few minutes to chat and I’ll draw you one for free on the spot. I might ask you to buy me coffee.

I’ve got some cool plans for the new year, which will include things like some nice letterpress editions and reproductions and the like which I’ll be able to offer at a nice price point, so if $25 feels steep, hang in there. I’ve got you covered.

To purchase, email me at tony DOT dowler AT gmail DOT com, or DM @tonydowler on twitter and tell me which dungeon(s) you like. I’ll let you know if they’re available or not. Unfortunately, the town and wilderness maps aren’t currently available at all.

Oh, and the physical details: each dungeon is drawn in pen and ink on 3″x4″ cardstock and placed in a 4″x5″ matte frame with foamcore backing. Dungeons may have small smudges or pencil marks owing to the process by which they were created.

If you’re interested in custom commissions, email me and we’ll chat. I offer reasonable rates, but I’m totally jammed with other life commitments until after the holiday season.

Braid Dungeon

Platformers are most definitely dungeons. Time travelling dungeons are even more awesome than non-time travelling dungeons. Time travelling dungeons with stories rule. Not that I’ve got anything against an old-fashioned hole in the ground with a dragon, but Braid is a mighty fine dungeon.


It’s been hard lately to get my blog posts out. I’ve stated that this is because I’m busy with work and getting ready for the Year of the Dungeon art show. But the real truth is that I’m playing CivV. Naturally, video games have a way of eating your spare time, and CivV is no exception. This is a worthy addition to the Civ family, Even on a short game, I find the modern age is a lot of clicking, nevertheless, they’ve cut a lot of the tedium, kept the essenence, and made worthy editions. Also, Siam rules.

Disco Dome

Desktop Tower Defense is one of my all-time favorite games. I don’t have anything particularly cool or profound to say about it. It’s just plain fun.

East Sump

12 Things you can buy in East Sump

1. Enbalming Fluid
2. Organ meat
3. The services of a good Djinn banisher
4. Rat traps
5. Giant rat traps
6. Enchanted hats – exploding (third door on the left, knock three times)
7. Love potions (20 minute, 2 hour, and 4 day effectiveness)
8. Fake love potions (much cheaper)
9. Lodgings
10. A trained bear
11. Raincoats
12. Really good iron rations

The Flying Castle

A powerful wizard lords it over the land in his flying castle, yet he can’t resolve the problems that lurk in his own basement!

A flying castle arrives in town. A flight of messenger crows deliver a threat and a demand for a bizarre assemblage of reagents. Will the township try to acquire the goods, or send a party to deal with the castle?

The Githyanki wars are long over, which makes it all the more alarming when an apparently abandoned flying castle drops through a portal from the Astral plane and hovers loomingly over the largest city on the continent.

A Week of Custom Dungeons

It’s custom order week! I’m taking orders for custom dungeons at a reduced price. I’ll keep taking orders until Tuesday of next week or until I get so many orders, I start getting worried about completing them in a timely fashion. That isn’t very likely, but it’s good to have an escape clause anyway.

To get a custom dungeon, email me at tony.dowler@gmail.com and give me up to 10 words you’d like included in your dungeon. If you name one of my dungeons as well, I’ll do your dungeon in the style of the dungeon you named. Feel free to include extra details too.

When I’m done, I’ll send you your dungeon original in a simple matte frame. The price is $30, including shipping (normal price is $40 PLUS shipping). The money may be sent via paypal to the email address above. Each dungeon will be black and white drawn on 3″ x 4″ cardstock paper. Unless you request otherwise, I reserve the right to publish the dungeon on this blog and elsewhere.

PS I also take requests. If there’s a dungeon you want to see, post it in the comments and I’ll add it to my list for the blog!