Race for the Galaxy Fantasy Cards

Recently posted to http://tonydowler.tumblr.com/, fantasy style Race for the Galaxy cards I made up on a lark a while back.

backpack gnome BloodSacrifice BlueWizard CosmicAmbergis GodCube Umphogorax wallet_ranger_card AdvisorAmbergris


The Blue Wizard

This guys is a good guy to have on your side.

When the Blue Wizard produces a miscellaneous object, roll. 10+ choose two 7-9 choose one – It’s fitting for the task at hand – It’s not cheap junk that will break at the slightest provocation – It’s pretty simple and intuitive to use

Blood Sacrifice

I’m hanging an art show today, so not much time to post. But this should give an idea of what getting an art show ready sometimes feels like.

Quest Track: Annihilate the Ambergris

I always find the quest tracks in MMOs really weird and a bit offputting. Why do monsters come in night graduated flavors? Why do the townspeople always want them slaughtered for weird body parts? I just can’t get behind that.

“Hey Kid, you wanna earn some coin? Some strange creatures are scaring miners up by Blogsnot Reach. So why don’t you go up there and bring me back five Advisor Ambergris ears and I’ll give you these Tattered Boots.”

“But I’m a Beach Elf. I can only wear sandals.”

“You want a job or not!? Now go up there and kill some Ambergris!”

“Fine, fine.”

(this is an Advisor Ambergris:)

“Good job kid, but now I’m making Ambergris soup. I need eight Elder Ambergris eyes to finish the job.”

“Ambergris eyes? Are you serious?”

“You going to do it or not?”

“Alright, I’ll go get your damn eyes.”

“Nice job kid, but now the boss Ambergris is mad. You gotta climb up to Smatterlock Peak and kill the Cosmis Ambergris.”

“What the hell is up with you man? What have you got against the Ambergris anyway?”

“I just don’t like them is all.”

Moves for Ambergisi:
– Summon further Ambergisi
– Taunt you with the secrets they keep
– Carry messages up (or down) the cosmic hierachy/>

What do you Think? Too Much?

Drop Ships is a pretty powerful and important card in Race for the Galaxy. It’s one of the best ways to rapidly boost military in the game. But what if Drop Ships’ cost was played in Victory Points? How many points should it cost?

Yolub shb’Nauth Ul: cosmic power
Instinct: To collect valuable souls

  • Offer power at a cost
  • Make alliances or change sides capriciously
  • Exact a cost in blood

Wallet Ranger Bonus!

Backpack Gnome Bonus Round