Where is the stuff?

It’s been years since I updated this blog with any regularity, but people still land here. If you’re interested in following my art, I regularly post my latest pictures on my tumblr account. I’ve also got a Facebook page that I update with news and events. And I post more casual updates on Twitter as @tonydowler quite regularly.

Isotope Post-Apocalyptic RPG

Here’s a little something I released this week. It’s a super-short post-apocalyptic RPG based on Dungeon World and World of Dungeons. It includes a nice big map to explore! Enjoy.



Recent Drawing: Anthropocene

anthrop1 anthrop2


Barbarian vs. Robot WIP

Barbarian vs. Robot is still on track to be my first Patreon release! Vacation is heaven. Spent several hours over the Thanksgiving weekend working on the comic and translating my old sketches into drawings. Hopefully post production will be wrapped up within a week or so. Comics are *really freaking hard*. I am even more in awe now of anyone who can produce a regular web comic.
photo 1

photo 2

When will things get back to normal?

The answer is not very soon. Thanks again to everyone who offered kind words on my art and/or supported the Kickstarter. It was a blast. I’m still dealing with the last few wrinkled of fulfillment, but it’s essentially done.

I’ve got a bunch of new projects in various stages from “just an idea” to “almost ready,” but everything is on hold now as I’m getting involved in a new and entirely different crowdfunding effort. It’s not game or art related, particularly, but I’ll post a link here when we launch nonetheless, because it is pretty cool and very exciting!

The Eye of the Storm

This is a weird weekend. For the first time since the beginning of January, I don’t have any pressing Kickstarter-related things I have to be doing. The poster has already been delivered to the printer. I’ve seen a proof and it looks fabulous. It’ll be ready next week. Jez is wrapping up the last bit of layout on the book. He doesn’t need any more artwork from me. I’ve ordered the huge pallet of shipping tubes for the poster and stored them in my basement. I don’t have anything to mail yet. Next week is going to be crazy. The week after will be crazy. But this week, I get to relax.

Ten Awesome (and difficult) maps I want to Make

  1. Colonial site on Mars, the Moon, or Europa, based on accurate topographical maps.
  2. Chernobyl exclusion zone
  3. Kowloon walled city
  4. Cyberpunk Rome
  5. London, done Venice style after the ice caps have melted
  6. Post-singularity Portland Oregon
  7. Seattlehama, from the novel Yarn
  8. Portions of a Warhammer 40k Hive City
  9. San Francisco with the Alien Landing Site
  10. Alien Occupied Hollywood

What’s Going On?

What a few months it has been! I just wanted to post a quick blog update and let people know what’s going on. The Kickstarter for the Seattle Doomsday Map was a fabulous success, and now I’m deep in the process of fulfilling the backer rewards. I spent today printing and signing backer postcards. The Dee Dee’s Survival Guide is a hair away from the final edit and layout. I’m ready to make the poster order as soon as the book design is ready. Things are looking great! In the Real World, my work has never been busier (I work as a tech writer and consultant), which means even more things to squeeze into the day. On the horizon I’ve got a few more art projects, as well as a Dungeon World campaign faction game thingy that’s sort of half Stars Without Number, half How to Host a Dungeon. So life is busy! I can’t wait until things slow down and I have more time to blog.

Printing backer postcards! Oh my, there are a lot of them.

The Land of New Island

From the department of imaginary cartogrphay: The land of New Island.

Today I received an Email from Lee Mothes, the cartographer of New Island. Lee has created a whole world to encompass his maps and landscape paintings. I highly recommend taking a look at his blog, it’s very cool. The paintings are gorgeous, and the verisimilitude of the world is amazing. There’s also a New Island YouTube video that explains his work in more detail.


Lots of people in Denny, but they aren’t folk. A few rival gangs, so don’t get caught wearing the wrong color. I opt for black. Still, you can find copper wire, electronics, and supplies if you know where to look.

One of the gangs here has a secret stash of clean water and lords it over the rest of them. Another gang has a scrounge racket trading in working car batteries. Another one collects ears, so know who you’re dealing with.