Microdungeon Rollup: Bad Gods and Brogue Chasms

More microdungeons and cartoon. As always, you can see them as I make them at http://tonydowler.tumblr.com/

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Desktop Tower Defense

Have I published this one before? I was sure I had, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Minecraft as Existentialist Drama

Fear and Gaming: Being and Nothingness and “Minecraft”

Great Dungeon

Life, backups, and dungeon art are nearly back to normalcy around here, which means more microdungeons soon. In the meantime, i direct you to Great Dungeon in the Sky.

Braid Dungeon

Platformers are most definitely dungeons. Time travelling dungeons are even more awesome than non-time travelling dungeons. Time travelling dungeons with stories rule. Not that I’ve got anything against an old-fashioned hole in the ground with a dragon, but Braid is a mighty fine dungeon.


I debated posting this dungeon, as it’s a bit, er… snarky. But that about sums up how I feel about Wow. Yes, an exercise bike hidden behind a shiny facade. Actually, I’ll say this. The Dark Elf city is a worthy work of art in its own right.


It’s been hard lately to get my blog posts out. I’ve stated that this is because I’m busy with work and getting ready for the Year of the Dungeon art show. But the real truth is that I’m playing CivV. Naturally, video games have a way of eating your spare time, and CivV is no exception. This is a worthy addition to the Civ family, Even on a short game, I find the modern age is a lot of clicking, nevertheless, they’ve cut a lot of the tedium, kept the essenence, and made worthy editions. Also, Siam rules.


I have been playing Nethack since there was an Internet. I have never beaten it, not even once. I am apparently terrible at this game. I fail and fail and fail again. Yet I keep coming back. My current favorite flavor is the spectacular Stone Soup Dungeon Crawl.


Minecraft. It’s worthy of love. It’s a thing of beauty. That’s why I’ve had to delete it from my computer and erase every world I’ve created.

Disco Dome

Desktop Tower Defense is one of my all-time favorite games. I don’t have anything particularly cool or profound to say about it. It’s just plain fun.