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Artist Bio

I am an artist, writer, and game designer living in the Seattle area. I create drawings, paintings, and games based on my personal interest in fantasy, technology, and the human drive to understand.


Press Links

Collection of Dungeons Art Show

November 2014

See a collection of dungeons old and new at Cupcake Royale in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood.

Cupcake Royale / Verite Dungeon Show


November 2014

See a collection of dungeons old and new at Cupcake Royale in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood.

Cupcake Royale / Verite Dungeon Show

T160k.org Launch

November 2014

T160k: using crowdfunding to support art and cultural projects in Africa.

Saving Timbuktu’s Manuscripts Digitally


Summer 2014

Now publishing art monthly, supported by my patrons on the Patreon crowdfunding platform.

Saving Timbuktu’s Manuscripts Digitally

Google Art Show

Summer 2013

I was privileged to display my art at Google’s Seattle campus for the summer of 2013 and to create a custom commission for their collection.

Bauhaus Coffee End of an Era Group Show

December 2012

A collection of works by local artists critiquing the changing landscape of Capitol Hill. The entire 300 East Pine block is set to be torn down next summer. Like many other parts of Capitol Hill, older historical buildings are being demolished to make way for more high-rise condos with blandly styled commercial space below.


Dungeon: Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale

January 2011

Tony Dowler draws upon his love of Dungeons & Dragons, tempered by contemporary themes and a sense of wonder at the world in this show of his recent art. Tony Dowler is a second level elf Wizard with a 17 intelligence.


Pratt Manhattan Gallery presents exhibition that maps the psychogeography of New York City

September 2010

Pratt Manhattan Gallery will present “You Are Here → Mapping the Psychogeography of New York City,” an exhibition of work by a selection of contemporary artists that will map the emotional terrain of the world’s most famous and influential urban center, New York City, and explore the effect of the city’s powerful moods on those who live and work here.


Curriculum Vitae

January 2014: Patreon

Opened my artist’s Patreon stream with monthly art releases support by over 50 patrons to date

Summer 2013: Google Art Show

My art was featured in an exhibition at Seattle’s Google offices. One of my artworks, the Fremont Doomsday Map was acquired for Google’s Seattle art collection.

Spring 2013: Timbuktu Libraries in Exile

Managed and directed the Timbuktu Libraries in Exile Indiegogo campaign for T160k, raising over $60,000 to save threatened manuscripts in Mali

March 2013: Seattle Doomsday Map Kickstarter

Crowdfunded the printing of my art piece the Seattle Doomsday Map with over 600 backers, funding a substantial print run

Fall 2012: Bauhaus Coffee End of an Era Group Show

Exhibited in the “End of an Era” group art show, celebrating the closing (and rebirth) of this Seattle landmark

November 2010: Pratt Manhattan Gallery

Exhibited a piece in the Pratt Manhattan Gallery’s show “You Are Here → Mapping the Psychogeography of New York City”

Spring 2010: Cortona Coffee Art Show

My first art show at Cortona Coffee in Seattle’s Central District–live music reception and everything!

Summer 2009: CRM and Social Networking–Engaging the Social Customer

Researched and wrote extensive thought leadership white paper, CRM and Social Networking, in conjunction with Microsoft Corporation

Gen Con 2008: How to Host a Dungeon

Release of my first game, How to Host a Dungeon, in the Forge Booth at Gen Con

Summer 2005: Go Play NW 2005

Founding member of Go Play NW, still the best independent role-play-game designer and enthusiast convention in the northwest

January 2005: Tony Dowler Consulting

Founded Tony Dowler Consulting, Inc., to better provide technical marketing consulting services to my clients