Seattle Doomsday Map

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Seattle Doomsday Map and Survival Guide electronic version (PDF)

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Seattle Doomsday Map Poster (rolled) plus PDF

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The Seattle Doomsday Map is a large 24″x36″ poster map of downtown Seattle devastated. Buildings have collapsed. Cars lie abandoned on I-5. Neighborhoods have been consumed by fire, water, and returning nature. Civilization has dwindled to a few scattered enclaves, but in those refuges, life carries on with full vigor.

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The Poster is 24″ x 36″ shipped in a poster tube.
The Map is the same, folded in standard street map style for portability.
The Guidebook is 24 pages and matches the folded map dimensions.

There’s no other map quite like this in the world. I’ve rendered every building in downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill in meticulous detail. Habitable areas, structures, and hazards to navigation are clearly visible.

Thanks to my successful Kickstarter, the map is available as a poster, or folded to streetmap size with the accompanying Dee Dee’s Doomsday Guide to Surviving in Post-Apocalyptic Seattle. Thanks Kickstarters!

Seattle Doomsday Map Poster hanging on a wall.

The guide is a travel guide that provides valuable information for the visitor, such as the location of the radiation leak in Sodo, who sells fresh produce in Belltown, and what’s the worst threat to your safety in Cal Anderson Park, not to mention the locations of zombie infestations, landmines, biological hazards, underground distilleries, and roving motorcycle gangs.

Click here for a larger image of the entire map.


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